Welcome to this Random Blog!

Hello! Some may know me, some may not. I am Pixelized! Anyways, welcome! I made this blog to see the randomness inside you! My favourite ‘junk’ food is pies! So don’t worry if I have a scavenger hunt with pies! Thank you people for visiting and plese tell other people to come and follow this blog! Here are 5 facts ’bout me!

1) I LOVE pies! 2) I am 13, I may not look or sound like one, but I guarantee you, I am 13. 3)I absolutely LOVE reading and writing! 4) I have no life, that’s why I spend so much time on the internet. 5) Did I mention that I love pies?  

So there you are! Here is a pie:


M’kay, pie!

~ Pixelized


Sorry! Some few updates~

Hey, I haven’t been on for a while..

What have I missed.. Yeah. Merry Christmas! I am way too late. Here is a picture my friend drew with someone else on Christmas day.


You can see all of her drawings on my previous post 😀

And Happy New Year! Even though I am 6 days (5 for you people across the world, I don’t know, I have short term memory).. Sorry!

Comment down your New Year’s resolution, I love those, even though I never keep up with it..

School hasn’t started more me yet so HA! Nah, I feel for you people who are at school..

And follow my friend Ella! The person who draws! Don’t worry, she let me say her name. She and her friend will also be ‘refurnishing’ the blog, and I will also draw as well!

And I will be posting more recipes, hope you guys actually makes them. Or not. You can be the type that likes to see how people make food.

And I’ll be adding more pages, ‘refurnishing’ the blog (maybe) and such.

M’kay, pie!
~ Pixelized

Follow my friend?

Hey there!

Quick post!
Can you please follow my friend’s art blog? She has amazing friends that are really good at art! Here is a taste of one of the artwork:


See!?!? So follow them:

They want to be noticed by other people! Thanks!



Anyone have drawcast? My user is: Pixelized.
Follow me follow me follow me!
I’m new and my drawings are crap.
Sorry for short post, bye.


Hi, Halloween is waay past

Hi there..

No I did not go Trick or Treating. So no free candy.

Anyways, I’ve made a new page called Advice Column.
This page is for you to request a question like how to convince people and difference stuff, but I will not giveaway the person who asked it. Check it out.

But now. I need your advice.
I like a guy but I don’t know how to talk to him. Please help me.

Yeah.. Dunno what to say anymore.


Haven’t seen you in a tiiiiiiiiime (long time) Power Outage! AND BLOOD OF OLYMPUS IS OUT, don’t have enough money though.

Hey there!

I’m on school holidays, so I’ve been out and about! … On the internet. My sister deleted the app so I tried to get it back but then came the trouble.

Yes. My wifi scanner thingy started to not scan wifi. It was for like, 5 days! So when I got it back, I was flying on a unicorn (how can unicorns fly anyway?).

But then!
There was a freaking POWER OUTAGE!! No wifi, tv, anything! It was so dark and I ended up sleeping at 7pm for 2 nights. Well, we were allowed to use candles, that was fun. I remember when I was about to sleep and the our neighbours fire alarm went off cause of the candle smoke, and they went outside to let the smoke out for like, 1 hour.

And then!
The hot water tank broke so I couldn’t use hot water!

So at the end of the post, remember this:
Crepes are hard to make without a circle pan.

If you actually made it to the end of this post, comment:
Blood of Olympus is out! And it’s on special!!!

Yes, Blood of Olympus is on sale at my nearest book store! And it’s sooooo cheap! FANGIRLINGINBONGINGIGNGIINGJJNGISGOUQOEP!!!!!! Seriously, I love it. And comment that cause first one to gets a shoutout on the side.

M’kay, pie!

~Katrina aka Pixelized


Random Popin Cookin I got from Japan


I’m sick, so yeah.

So. I’ve made an Instagram account for my art, and may post things about my life. May. I hardly know you, you could be an axe murderer (you are AWESOME if you get that.

It’s called
Probably gonna change the user soon. To long, and I have short term memory. So follow me!
(((Yeah, I changed the username to xdrandomxd for easy memories)))

And… My eye sight is bad, got it tested at school.

M’kay, pie.


Not so much updates

Hey guys.

Telling by the period, I am very tired right now. So

I am making cookies, they are in the oven right now. Gonna post the recipe and pictures sometime this week.

I have made my Instagram for my art, be sure to check it out when I post my art, and follow. It is called xdrawcreatepaintx. The name is Pixelized.

School is same, I guess. Still trying to make my crush not think that I like him. Working so far. Homework is still a stack, and yeah.

I will be making new pages soon, it will be like a ‘learning’ thing. First one will be about crushes, and stuff like that. All the info is regards to my cousin, THANKS CUZ! They will be okay lengths, long enough to have info in it, not enough to make you give up reading. Uh, yeah.

M’kay, pie!

~Katrina aka Pixelized

I’m not dead! YAY!

Hey there peeps!

I am not dead, just to let you know. My wifi connection broke in the holidays, I nearly died. It’s been like what, nearly a month? Anyways.

School is as boring as ever, show offs being show offs, attention seekers being, well, attention seekers. And crush troubles. Yep, I like someone, ain’t telling you who.

I am in bed right now and stuff and stuff. And my birthday was a long time ago. Fun fun fun. Sorry, I haven’t put up any short stories. I am like, no kidding, WAY too busy. So yeah… My friends are the same, Ellie is doing fine, same as me, found a crush. We are both changing soo fast, right?

Just found out I am the oldest in the class, yet shortest.. And we are getting puberty ed! Yippee. It’s different from sex ed, by the way.

So yeah, people of the internet, who I don’t even know. One update only, I will create an Instagram page for my art, and will tell you guys the name later on, when I make it.

M’kay, pie!

~Katrina aka Pixelized

Page idea?

Hey pies!

Like on my old ‘game’ blog, I had a page called ‘Katrina’s Recipes, which is basically recipes that I use, and are easy to make. I’m gonna make a page like that on this blog, since I don’t have any other pages, and if you know me, I’m not really creative with stuff.

I will post the recipe which all the instructions written out, and have pictures of the outcome. Since I just make them one go and eat whatever there is. I will write out the ‘difficulty’ and whatever.

Anyways, random talk! Yesterday was Black Friday aka Friday 13th and you’re asking if I got bad luck? Yes, yes I did. I bumped my head in the morning, got a bruise, and died. Sort of.

I will now be writing songs!
Bad ones, cause a certain friend says ‘romance’ are the best type of songs, so since I won’t be doing romance songs, they will suck. I won’t post them. Maybe.

I am running out of ideas for stories! Since there is a writing competition on at my public library, and will not be writing stories for this blog until the end of the school term (4th July).

That’s all for now!

M’kay, pie!

#notthatlongpost #Imnotgonnadothehashtaggingthingfromnowon #pageidea #food

~Katrina aka Pixelized


Hey pies!

So, um.. What have I been up to? Let’s see..

I got TFIOS aka The Fault in our Stars from my cousin, and finished it today the movie comes out tomorrow! So wanna see it! I can’t give away any spoilers! Sorry!

40 hour famine? When out fine, though I was craving for technology for like, ever.

Speeches. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I presented mine today,nI was okay, but I was shaking-ish. 2 minutes and 47 seconds, kinda bad.. Did it on computers.

Me and one of my friend are working on a story, aiming for 100+ pages. I’ll post it when (or if) we finish. It’s actually pretty good so far! Even though we only finished the prologue..

Talking about stories, I decided not to post a story every week. Homework and all. I always make the stories in my mind, write them on paper, edit, then write them on the iPad. And then post them. Quite a long process..

I am terribly sorry for not posting much, I am practising my writing, learning art, and other random stuff. I will now, for saying sorry, will be doing ‘Horrible Quote of the Day’. All by miserable me!

Horrible Quote of the Day: ‘You can’t escape from death, but you can escape from prison.’

M’kay, pie!

#longishpost #randomstuff #faultinourstars #speeches #stories #buhbye

~Katrina aka Pixelized